AFTrack 1.20

Use a wide range of features with your GPS-enabled phone

AFTrack is the display for your GPS mouse and activates the world of hiking, biking, sailing, geocaching or more for your phone. The program handles tracking with smart and fixed logging features. It sends reports via GPRS or SMS. It receives SMS position messages and show it as a waypoint. It exports and imports waypoints and routes. And more.


  • Six views to the GPS data - position, goto, track summary, map, altitude profile, satellite
  • Big diplay
  • Tracking the current way
  • Export tracks (PCX, IGC with security record, KML viewable with Google Earth)
  • Import routes from routes or tracks (PCX)
  • Degree or UTM format
  • Edit position in selected output format
  • Import JPG, GIF, BMP or BSB as map
  • Calibrate maps with various types
  • Automatic calibration from different cal file formats
  • Waypoint group to organize the waypoints
  • Save current position as waypoint
  • GoTo a waypoint
  • Import waypoints (PCX, Geocache LOC, GPX)
  • Export waypoints (PCX, KML)
  • Using extra text files for waypoint description (e.g. details of a geocache, groundspeak: long_description is supported)
  • Make route from a track
  • Reverse routes
  • Alarm on reached POIs
  • GPRS position sending
  • SMS position sending
  • SMS position receiving
  • Reset GPS from SIRF to NMEA
  • Automatic reconnection to GPS if connection lost
  • Filter the altitude and speed values with a Kalman filter
  • Logging the NMEA sentences

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AFTrack 1.20

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    AF Track.
    A full version of AFTrack costs about £20 - I loaded onto my Nokia E71 it worked when fed from an exte...   More